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My Little Architect in Poland

In September 2018 My Little architect was invited to Poznan as curators of the exhibition Home sweet Home. From Denmark to Poland. The exhibition showed some of the items which many Danish children associate with the physical settings of their home including a selection of Danish design icons were exhibited.

The exhibition was part of the 8th edition of The Festival for Design and Creativity for Children in Poznan, Poland.

In 2017 My Little Architect was also invited to to Poznan to do workshops in Concordia Design Center.

In addition to the design icons, the exhibition consisted of architecture models of homes, built by Danish school children, quotes and photos of the children’s own homes as well as a hand-on activity.

My Little Architect was hosting workshops for children as well as a seminar for educators in Concordia Design Centre in connection with the exhibition.



Curators of the exhibition My Little Architect – Malene Abildgaard and Julie Dufour in collaboration with Charlotte Carstensen
Organizers of the exhibition Concordia Design in collaboration with the Danish Institute for Culture
The exhibition is sponsored by The Danish Ministry of Culture, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the City of Poznan
The exhibition takes place 10th to 16th of September 2018


Photo Poster for the 8th edition of The Festival for Design and Creativity for Children in Poznan, Poland