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My little Architect in Korea

During 2017/2018 My Little Architect developed an educational program for children aged 3-5 years for SOAP art studio in Seoul/Korea.

Through six different themes the program introduces the students to the universe of architecture by letting them use almost all their senses for learning and experiencing. The six themes are With Your Senses, Form and Shape, Materials, Small Spaces, Farm Animals and My Home.

As an integrated part of the launch of the educational program, our book Build,draw and learn with world-famous architect, was translated into and published in Korean language.



Development and graphic design My Little Architect – aka Malene Abildgaard og Julie Dufour, both architects MAA
Customer SOAP Art Studio Seoul i Korea
Photographer Jens Hemmel
Launched February 2018


Photo Front page for the theme Form and Shape by Jens Hemmel