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Finalist for Danish Design Award 2020


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My Little Architect in collaboration with Sydney Opera House has been selected as one of the finalists for the Danish Design Award 2020 in the category Message Understood. Our project ’Utzon’s Universe – learning from the master’ consists of our book Utzon’s Universe and a workshop program disseminating the visionary architecture by the Danish master architect Jørn Utzon at children’s eye level.

The book invites children to explore the world of architecture, using both hands and mind, with Jørn Utzon as their guide. Based on sixteen of Utzon’s projects, his work and sources of inspiration are presented while also introducing the basic vocabulary and tools of architecture at children’s eye level. With these tools and methods the children are then able to work on hands-on exercises related to Utzon’s projects. The main target group is children aged 10 years and up.

The book was published in 2017 in Danish and English by Strandberg Publishing. In 2018 the Danish Association of Book Craft selected ‘Utzon’s Universe – build, draw & learn’ as one of the best educational books in 2018.

The workshop program is a practical participatory program held at the Sydney Opera House. The program is based on five exercises from the book e.g. ’A soft cave’ with the task to explore the everyday material tape when adding form to the design of a soft space with no right angels, as well as learning about ‘the user’, form, function and exploring new technics. Until now 714 children and adults have participated in the hands-on creative workshops.

The exercises were also turned into an online digital program created as a ‘do it yourself ’ series, to reach a broader audience communicated to children by children. The digital workshops were made accessible online to the public for free from October 2018. Until now 150.203 children and adults have viewed the ‘do it yourself ’ series.

You will find the series here:

Utzon’s Universe: A figure of yourself

Utzon’s Universe: A house in a tree

Utzon’s Universe: A soft cave

Utzon’s Universe: A chair with form

Utzon’s Universe: A Platform with a roof

The workshop program was developed in an innovative and exciting collaboration between the Sydney Opera House, My Little Architect and the Utzon Center. The collaboration resulted in the nomination for the Australian National Trust Heritage Award 2019 in the category Education and Interpretation.

The winners of the of the Danish Design Awards 2020 will be announced at an award show 2nd of June 2020 in Copenhagen – so fingers crossed! 🙂