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EDUCATION / Utzon’s Universe and the work process of the architect

My Little Architect offers educational programs based on the world-famous architect Jørn Utzon’s work methods and his approach to architecture, introducing  students to his way of working as well as giving them tools so they can explore architecture themselves and create small architecture projects.

Typically, the basis of the educational program will consist of one or several exercises from our book Utzon’s Universe, by which the students will learn about e.g. scale, materials, form and function.

The educational program will of course be constructed so that it fulfills the relevant grade, the chosen subject and the educational needs of the students. 

Jørn Utzon(1918-2008) is world-famous for his Opera house in Sydney, but also for his genius and uncompromising approach to working with architecture. He was often inspired by nature and he always worked on his projects using hands-on methods – therefor we have the same approach in our educational programs.



Grade 4th grade and up
School subject
all subjects can be included
Duration from 2 hours up till several days
Price to be agreed upon when booking – depending on wishes and duration
Educators My Little Architect – the architects maa Malene Abildgaard og Julie Dufour

For further questions and booking write to


Photo Julie Dufour