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COURSE / Architecture and Scala

Knowledge of scale and measuring are important elements when working in architecture – but often it can be quite a challenge for the students to understand the concept.

In the course you will be introduced to the concept of scale in architecture and gain inspiration to how you can present scale to your students with exercises using your body, a camera as well as 3D sketching and model making.

The course will give you tangible and concrete methods and ideas of introducing scale in your teaching.

OBS In the course you will explore the methods yourself with hands-on scale exercises and architecture model making using scale.



Target group teachers and educators e.g. in math, art, craft and design etc.
Number of participants 12 maximum
Duration from 2 hours up till several days
Price to be agreed upon when booking – depending on wishes and duration
Educators My Little Architect – the architects MAA Malene Abildgaard og Julie Dufour

For further questions and booking write to


Photo Julie Dufour