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WORKSHOP / Build, draw & learn – towering constructions

In the workshop Build, draw & learn – towering constructions, you are going to build your own tower construction using  black drinking straws and pipe cleaners with the inspiration from the Eiffel Tower in Paris designed by the engineer Gustave Eiffel.

How many different towers do you know? Towers can be round, square, pointed or leaning. What they have in common is their height – especially compared with their surroundings. They can have different functions, right from a lifeguard tower and a church tower to a water tower and an observation tower. Some towers are solid; others have an open, visible construction.

My Little Architect will bring along all materials and tools and of course you get to keep your architecture model.



Target group from 8 years
Number of participants 12 maximum
Duration 2 hours
Price 5500 DKK excl. materials and transport
Educators My Little Architect – the architects maa Malene Abildgaard og Julie Dufour

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Photo Jens Hemmel / Julie Dufour