Architecture for children, youth and adults - workshops, books, courses, and education


My Little Architect is a Copenhagen/North Jutland based co-lab working with architecture for children.

Behind My Little Architect is Malene Abildgaard and Julie Dufour Wiese, both architects MAA and authors.

By using architecture as a creative work method it is My Little Architect’s goal to inspire and strengthen children’s creative and innovative ways of thinking. We inspire children to see and experience – to study their physical surroundings close up, from the pavement’s materials and the rhythm of a facade to the organic shapes and spaces in nature, and thereby prepare them for creating their own architectural work.

Malene Abildgaard

Architect MAA and Master student in Child/Youth Cultures and Aesthetic Learning Processes. Author of the book Build, draw & learn with world-famous architects as well as Utzon’s Universe. From her employment in Danish Architecture Center and Utzon Center Malene has many years of experience in designing education programs and workshop activities in Denmark as well as in Korea, Germany, Finland and Poland.

Julie Dufour

Architect MAA and author of the book Build, draw & learn with world-famous architects as well as Utzon’s Universe. Julie has many years of experience in talks on the subject children and architecture, educational programs as well as master classes in Denmark, Cape Town, Russia, Poland, Korea and Åland.